Remote KR301


Remote KR301

Mygica smart remote KR301 es un mando a distancia inalámbrico con teclado Qwerty y raton Flymouse, todo en un único dispositivo. Usa un nuevo sistema wireless 2.4G con control total en 360 grados, similar al de la Wii, hará que navegues por los distintos menús de forma rápida y precisa.

MyGica Smart Remote KR301. QWERTY Remote Control with Motion Mouse

The ergonomic design of the MyGica KR301 means that the device fits comfortably into your hand, whether holding horizontally or vertically, and the built-in keyboard is designed to enable efficient typing, for chatting on Facebook, sending emails or writing full page documents. Fast & Precise Full Motion remote is similar to Nintendo Wii remote control and its Plug N Play easy to use.

MyGica KR301 combination IR and wireless RF remote/keyboard design for MyGica 120, 400, 520, 580, 582,585, 1200, 1800. Also operates other Geniatech manufactured Android boxes (e.g. Pivos / Jynxbox).

MyGica KR301 has the following advantages over other Wireless Remotes:

  • More sensors giving precise positioning.
  • IR & Wiress RF capabilities.
  • Ability to turn on/off MyGica Android boxes.
  • Custom Shortcut buttons for XBMC/Kodi, Google Playstore, Netflix.
  • Ability to Turn ON & OFF the mouse function.

Other Functions and Applications

  • Set-top-boxes for Digital TV and IPTV.
  • Smart TV system.
  • Notebook / PC.
  • Home Entertainment system.
  • Game Devices.
  • Video Conference Equipments.
  • Portable Navigation Devices.
  • Man Machine Interfaces (MMI, UI).


Part NumberKR301
Protocol:Wireless radio frequency (RF)
Mouse:Built-in motion sensor
Frequency band:2.4GHz
Reach:10 meters or more (reference value)
Size (mm):54 x 172 x 18
Power source:2x AAA battery
14 day trial
2 years warranty
Technical support
Free Shipping*
* Free Shipping to the peninsula, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Portugal for orders over 50 €
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